Dr. Kavita Payyar

Beauty Health NY Inc mission is to work with clients to find the best solutions for their particular beauty concerns with an integrative approach that uses safe, nonsurgical procedures to refine and enhance your natural beauty resulting in a more youthful and confident you. A blissful and confident YOU, means a beautiful YOU.

Kavita Payyar, the Founder of Beauty Health NY, has been in Aesthetics in New York City since 2002, and is a physician who trained at Bangalore University India before she pursued her further education in Holistic Integrative medicine in NY at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Acupuncture. She is also a Licensed NY Certified Clinical Aesthetician/ Certified Educator in the field of advance clinical esthetics and Lasers.

Kavita aids each client with a customized holistic approach to ensure optimal results for their interior and exterior health. She inspires her clients to take care of their bodies, and only utilizes the latest products in cutting-edge technology to further enhance results.

Kavita’s special interest in integrative medicine and Aesthetic Medicine, the impact of the aging process on facial structure and the body, as well as how these changes affect one’s self-image, has inspired her to work and train with top esthetic pioneers in plastic surgery and Dermatology around the world. She is presently training to become a member of the regenerative & anti aging medicine board.

Aside from her impressive education and career, on her own time, Kavita regularly executes various events to empower women. For the past three years, Kavita has led semi-annual workshops for women in small businesses with a view to improve their leadership, communication and entrepreneurial skills.

In addition to bolstering women’s entrepreneurial spirit, Kavita is also an enormous advocate for women’s advanced education. Even within her own organization, Beauty Health NY, Kavita provides academic counseling to her loyal and assiduous team, as well as many part-time positions to fit in their school schedules. Beauty Health NY regularly holds training workshops in the field of advance esthetics and regenerative medicine for physicians, nurses and those pursuing esthetic careers.