PRP for Face and Scalp

The facial and scalp PRP utilize micro needles to spur hair growth in the scalp area and to light/tighten facial skin in the facial area. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses the platelets in the patient’s blood that allow tissue to repair and grow healthier cells. Thus, PRP is effective for dissipating acne scars, rejuvenating skin, catalyzing hair growth, acting as natural fillers, and helping even out skin texture.

Why Beauty Health NY

So why should you get your PRP at Beauty Health NY? Beauty Health NY features the most advanced products in cutting-edge technology for all of its procedures. Our PRPs are conducted by drawing small amounts of blood and pouring them into a sterile tube. The blood then spins in the latest centrifuge, which accurately separates different aspects of the blood. Mainly, it separates the blood cells from the platelets and plasma. Once the platelets and plasma are separated, they create a foundation perfect for the PRP procedure to do its magic. Beauty Health NY specializes in richer PRP treatments due to its advanced centrifuge, and thus, clients see quick and optimal results!

Best Products for PRP Treatment

This product is specifically for face/skin use. This intensive serum is a system of structural lipids, antioxidants, and vitamins, which work together to repair skin damage. Vitamin C, E, and Beta Carotene help reverse the aging process, while the lipids correct moisture balance. Thus, the skin is
immediately rejuvenated and becomes less prone to aging. Use several drops twice daily for optimal glowing results.
This cream is great for alleviating pain, redness, and itching. Thus, it is ideally recommended as an after-use treatment for laser peels, mild sunburns, first/second degree burns, abrasions, PRP, and contusions. It also helps soften callused skin.

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