10 Days Cream



Treatment Protocol

1) Small Jar: 10 days (Spot Cream) – Potent

     * To be used overnight on dark spots and any sort of discolorations every ALTERNATE day or twice a week depending on your reaction. Use very sparingly over the eyelid and under the eyelid.

These are the expected reactions which are normal in every patient.
1) Skin gets dry and looks like it’s going to peel.
2) Skin turns itchy and flaky if it’s over used (stop using the cream).
3) The skin after 1 week starts to look a little patchy and baby skin starts to appear.
4) Skin over the lid and under is very sensitive so the cream must be  
   used sparingly and with caution.

If burning or discomfort arises please discontinue for 24-48 hours as it’s over reaction of skin to excess use. Stop using the night spot cream. Please try and get A&D cream from CVS or Duane Reade. Mix with little 1% hydrocortisone. Apply on the redness or the spot that’s irritating you. Also no hair removal such as waxing, threading should be done while using the 10 day.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

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