You might be wondering
They are not useless as long as:
  1. They’re high quality products properly formulated.
  2. They are associated with proper diet and exercise.
Here are my tips to get a clear skin.
I’ve noticed huge improvements by drastically reducing refined carbs and sugar and replacing them with vegetables. I also take some collagen proteins. You skin can look dull and not clear because of malnutrition.
Malnutrition does not necessarily means scarcity of food. When you only eat foods with 0 nutritional value, your body lacks powerful antioxidants and nutrients.
To summarize: eat tons of veggies , a moderate amount of fruit (especially avocados and berries), and lean proteins. Avoid bad habits such as alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.
High intensity workouts are a quick way to clear out skin. This is mainly due to the fact that the effort and heat generated increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin, which is clearly visible in reddening during exercise. More oxygen and nutrients in the skin also mean improved cell growth, which is reflected in an increased renewal rate of the cells.
The definition of high intensity is subjective. Just do something that makes you hot and sweaty. I use an app called Freeletics or the Nike app. Both have free workouts. If you’re not in the condition to work out, you can simply go hiking.
Kavita Payyar
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