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There is no acne problem adolescent /adult and other skin conditions that have been unsuccessively treated by modern medicine that we could not successfully treat and eventually get positive results.

The use of the most advanced skin care technology at Beauty Health And You NYC Center has undoubtedly contributed to our great success, like the Candela Gmax Laser Beam, Fraxel Lasers, LED color therapy, Microdermabrasion, IPL Pulse Light Therapy and variety of skin peels.

Most importantly is our highly trained personnel who will first conduct a full spectrum of skin analysis before deciding what diet regulations, herbal and homeopathic supplements and products to be used as well as what kind of face treatment you will require. This approach guaranties our success as well the successful treatments of our clients year after year.

Dr. Kavita Payyar

Dr. Kavita Payyar

Bio Sketch

Dr. Kavita Payyar has been established in private practice for over 16 years. She has a global consulting practice as a Skin care therapist/Alternative Health Care expert and Homeopathic Practitioner. Her work combines today's modern technologies with alternative treatments in clinics and hospitals throughout India and the United States. She has worked with some of the country's premier doctors specializing in dermatology, cosmetology, esthetics, and wellness. She regularly participates in international conferences and seminars spanning over three different continents.

Dr. Payyar is recognized in the media all over the East Coast and Canada for her live health and beauty based television shows. Informing and educating her viewers on how the fusion of modern technology paired with alternative therapies can maintain and even alleviate chronic "incurable" conditions like; allergies, digestive syndromes, pulmonary diseases, persistent dermatological conditions and hepatic biliary condition. Her shows have been aired since 1999 addressing topics from women related issues, dermatology, oncology, plastic surgery, dentistry, yoga and meditation. Dr. Payyar encourages viewers to give alternative therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, ayurveda, Chinese medicine a chance.

She is well known for treating many celebrities, media personalities and Bollywood stars. They all swear by her signature treatments and devotion to her profession. Dr. Payyar has patients from Hong Kong, Dubai and India who travel regularly to NYC just to get that finishing touch. Dr Kavita Payyar is the founder of Beauty Health NY Inc.

She has assisted plastic surgeons and doctors from whom she learned the latest techniques and procedures in Cosmetology and Laser therapy. Moreover, Dr. Payyar keeps updating her information by participating in international conferences and seminars, for the benefit of her patients and for achieving their satisfaction in cosmetic treatment.

It was a long journey to acquire recognition and introduce holistic medicine like acupuncture homeopathy which is a powerful medicine in chronic incurable condition such as allergies, digestive syndromes, pulmonary diseases , persistent dermatological conditions and hepatic biliary conditions to name a few.

It's a system of its own caliber. Dr. Payyar says. "with its hanemanian philosophy...like cures", her patients swear by some of their persistent conditions being cured especially chronic candida infections, hepato biliary conditions. Dr. Payyar is known to have treated many famous media personalities and Bollywood stars, some swear by her and her devotion to her profession. Dr. Payyar has patients from Hong Kong, Dubai and India who travel regularly to NYC just to get that finishing touch.

Professional Licensure and Certifications

2010 - * Presently enrolled to acquire New York State Acupuncture License .(NYC)

2007 - * Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Clean Needle Technique (NYC)

2006 - * CPR Certificate

2004 - * Pacific College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture (NYC)

2001 - * Certification course in Medical graded Lasers, Alexandrite lasers, Diode lasers, light based sources, Q switched Nd YAG, Ruby, V beam, Smooth beam, Gentalase Plus.(NYC)

2000 - * Christine Valmy School Certification Diploma in Clinical Esthetics(NYC)

1999 - * Christine Valmy School Diploma in Advance Skincare, Chemical Peels, Esthetics (NYC)

1998 - * NYS License In Clinical Esthetics Cosmetology (NYC)

1997 - * CIDESCO Diploma in Basic & Advance Cosmetology (Singapore)

1997 * Open International University Post Graduation In Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Moxa The (Sydney, Australia)

1996 * Lilian Maund Beauty School Degree in Advance Beauty Therapy and Skincare (Cheshire, UK)

1996 - * Kalubowila Hospital Acupuncture& Alternative Therapies. Training the Red Cross Society.(Sri Lanka)

1996 - * Holy Family Hospital OBGYN Resident Physician (Bombay, India)

1995 - * Berkowitts Esthetic Medical Center Training in Dermatological Procedures (Bombay, India)

1995 * Cumbala Hill Hospital Cardiology Unit - ICCU -Resident Physician (Bombay, India)

1994 - * AMS Medical School Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) India Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, Bangalore India

1993 - * Military Govt Hospital Belgaum (Karnataka State) Internship &Training Internal Medicine, Surgery, OBGYN, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, ENT, Homeopathy.

Infomercial Talk Shows- Official Acne Specialist/Spokesperson for PROACTIV ACNE SOLUTIONS USA.(TALK SHOWS ON NATIONAL NETWORKS ALL OVER INDIA IN 5 METRO CITIES) 2011/2012/2013

Press Experiences- Dr Kavita Payyar wrote columns in the Health/ Beauty section for National Newspapers ,to name a few Bombay Times(TIMES OF INDIA) /Mid Day/Savvy (a popular Woman's Magazine (India)1996-1997-1998 and she was a skincare Advisor at beauty Pageants held in India, Singapore, Srilanka (1996-1997-1998). Presently she did a write-up as skin advisor on Tyra Banks Official Website for Jan 2011 edition. Presently she is also assigned to be Skincare Advisor on Edrugstore.com for 2011.

Articles and Presentations at Conferences- To name a few

1) Written an Article about roller Blade Technique for Acne Scars.

2) Facial Acupuncture and its limitations.

3) Natural Vitamins VS synthetic Vitamins.Anti aging combinations,HRT(HORMONAL REPLACEMENT THERAPY) .Do they really work?

4) Chronic Candida Infection. Conventional Medicine VS Homeopathy and Vitamin replacement therapy.

Media Experience

Interview: Innovative Cosmetic Alternatives to Injections/Lasers/Surgery -ITV -Channel 77 -(New York) -June 2001

Tal Interview: Laser hair removal techniques..Different types of Lasers .Nd Yag, Cool Glide, Candela-Channel 77-(New York, NJ/CT)-April 1998

Talk Show: on Micro current Facial sculpting techniques- vein Therapy -Channel 36 -(New YORK) -August-2001

Live TV Show: -laser hair Removal /Acne Treatments -ITV Channel 77 - (New York) -Nov 2001

New Methods of Dental restorative Works: Talk Show with Dr Agarwal .ITV -channel 77 -April -2004 Interview Re- Alternative therapies such as Homeopathy, its benefits for Skincare and health related issues. (TV ASIA- NJ) JULY 2004.

Talk Show: on Anti Aging Technology -Special Blood work for detection of degenerative aging medical conditions and Prevention on ITV channel 77 -Jan 2007

Talk Show: with Plastic Surgeon Dr Salzburg on Breast Reconstructive Surgery after Mastectomies-ITV channel 77 - (New York, NJ, CT)-Sep 2005

Talk Shows: With Dr Iqbal Oncologist about Inculcating Alternative Therapies Post Chemotherapy such as Acupuncture /Yoga /Meditation for Patients in remission.-ITV channel 77 - (New York /NJ/cT) - OCT- 2005

Live TV Show: on Candela Lasers Options available for Treating Excess Hair /Restorative Facial Alternatives/Wrinkles/Pigmentation .Channel 36 (New York) May 2005

TALK Shows and Live Shows: ON Women related issues post menopause. Natural therapy options such as Ayurveda/Homeopathy /Yoga On TV ASIA. (NJ)June 2006.

Live TV Show: on truth about Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures that DO and Don't work -With Dr Salzburg -Channel 77 ITV (New York) Nov -2006

Live Talk Show: on Homeopathic Remedies for Muscular skeletal disorders /seasonal Allergies-channel 77 -ITV (New York /NJ/CT) Feb 2006.

Interview on Acupuncture: and its benefits treating Infertility-During pre and Post IVF (IN VITRO Fertilization).With Licensed Acupuncturists from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine NYC. Live TV show. Channel 77(New York /NJ/CT)April 2007.

Interview on Laser Hair Treatments and options for Grey/White Hair :.Pros and cons of Electrolysis VS laser Hair Removal. Does it really work? Is it permanent or temporary? Lasers for dark Ethnic skins VS lasers FOR Caucasian skins. Its Side effects and scarring. Channel 77. ITV. (New York/NJ/CT) Sep 2005.

Talk Shows: on CONTROVERSIES about Vitamins in Cosmetic Jars and its authenticity .Vitamins and Self Medications .Its Side Effects and Hyper vitaminosis. Channel 36 -Cupid TV. (NYC)July-2004

Talk Show about Non Surgical Skin Rejuvenation: - FACIAL Acupuncture - Treatments for FACIAL Palsy /Bells Palsy/Chronic TMJ(Pain IN MANDIBULAR joint) -Channel 77 (NY/NJ/CT) Aug 2007

Talk Show on Skincare: during summer /Precautions /Sunscreens /Types of Sunscreen/Do they really work. Sun damage and Prevention. Pigmentation disorders .Treatments. Channel 77.(ITV)-Aug 2008(NY/NJ/CT).

Live TV Show: about laser hair removal on South East Asian skin types, Ingrowths folliculitis Treatments, Products available For Acne scars, Pigmentation disorders .treating Chloasma, Adult Acne and causes. Channel 86-JusPunjabi.National TV. (USA)

Live Shows: FROM June 2009-JULY 2009-AUG 2009.SEP 2009-OCT 2009-Nov 2009.HELD LIVE SHOWS EVERY MONTH BIWEEKLY on JUS Punjabi Channel - (NATIONAL Network USA)

Bi weekly TV: On Health related issues /Beauty /Esthetics/Alternative Skin care treatments/channel 86- (New York) June -Dec 2009

Interview Re: Women related issues post menopause. Natural therapy options such as Ayurveda/Homeopathy /Yoga on Fit TV Channel 208. (India)-Dec 2008.

Live TV Show: On Management of Skin post Plastic Surgery .The lack of "BEDSIDE MANNERS POST SURGERY ".What are the Precautions to be taken after Liposuctions /face lifts/body contouring. Psychological trauma when surgery goes wrong. Reconstructive Surgery with Dr Katz. ITV live. Channel 77. (New York/NJ/CT)Dec 2008.